About Us 

South Plains Compost, Inc. the parent company of Back to Nature, Inc. has been producing agricultural compost since 1979. In 1982, we began supplying bagged cotton burr composts and blends to the lawn and garden industry. We then introduced our own brand of quality cotton burr composts and blends under the Back to Nature, Inc. label.

Today, Back to Nature, Inc. Cotton Burr Composts and Blends are preferred by independent lawn and garden dealers everywhere because of our continuing dedication to quality and service.

Back to Nature, Inc. continues to show support for higher standards throughout the composting industry as a voluntary member of the United States Compost Council's "Seal of Testing Assurance" program.

Our Company at a Glance 

  • Wayne and Mary Schilling, Owners and Operators since 1979
  • Jeff Keyes, Production Manager since 1979
  • Andy Keyes, Production Manager since 2000
  • Steven Akers, Sales Representative since 2010
  • Chasity Keyes, Customer Relations since 2014
  • Mandi Schilling, Customer Relations since 2000


“ Back to Nature Cotton Burr Compost is top-notch and our customers love it. The loose, fluffy consistency is
a perfect choice for amending our Midwestern clay soils. Anti-fungal properties are a big bonus for those who grow Hydrangeas and Roses."

Kathy Bark
Suburban Lawn & Garden, Kansas City, Missouri


“ I was turned onto cotton burr compost from The Back To Nature Company over 20 years ago by our good friend Warren Johnson.  I was sceptical at first with all the claims he was making, so he decided to give me 5 bags to try in my garden.  So in February I mixed 5 bags in my 5'x20' garden plot.  I planted broccoli, my favorite vegetable, and  I harvested broccoli heads 9"-11" across, which was 50% bigger than I had ever grown!!  I didn't even fertilize them either!!   Now I mix cotton burr compost in every landscape bed or garden I make.  It's awesome for enhancing plant growth and production!!!"

Kevin Keilig
Heartland Nursery, Kansas City, Missouri


“ We have enjoyed doing business with Back to Nature since the early days of opening Sparkman's Nursery.  They are a top notch company always striving to take care of customers in an efficient, professional manner.  West Texas people, producing a local product that are great to do business with....and we like that."

Cindy & Tim Sparkman
Sparkman's Nursery, Lubbock, Texas


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