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-Our line of liquid biological products will instantly restore the life cycle within soils, and rejuvenate tired, sterile beds with the beneficial microrganisms, enzymes and substrates that will make your plants flourish and your job easier.


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BTN Microbial Products 


15-5-5 Bio-Soil Enhancer

A liquid bio-soil enhancer formulated to activate microbial activity in the soil, increase nutrient uptake of the plant, develop greater root mass, and improve water filtration.

Guaranteed Analysis:Nitrogen 15%, Available Phosphate 5%, Soluble Potash 5%, Boron .0215%, Copper .09%, lron .15%, Manganese .085%, Molybdenum .00065%, Zinc .075%.

Root Stimulator

A liquid root stimulator formulated to develop greater root mass, activate microbial activity of soil, increase nutrient uptake, and improve water infiltration.

Guaranteed Analysis: Nitrogen 3%, Available Phosphate 1%, Soluble Potash 1%.

Soil Inoculant with Humus

An all-natural liquid soil inoculant formulated to enhance soil structure, root development, nutrient uptake, water infiltration and increases seed germination emergence.

Ingredients: Bacillus subtillus 1,000,000 CFU/mL and pseudomonas putida 1,000,000 CFU/mL, water, and liquid humus acid (derived from leonardite)


An industrial grade maintenance product formulated to reduce odor and act as a digesting agent in the decomposition of a wide variety of organic wastes.

Ingredients: A broad and diverse population of live naturally occurring beneficial water/soil microorganisms including: Bacillus sp., Pseudomonas sp., Arthrobacter sp., Rhodococcus sp., Chlorobium sp., Cyanbacteria sp., and Actinomycetes sp